February 20, 2015

A Cirque de Soleil Adventure Awaits in the Heart of Houston

This weekend, escape to a land of fantasy and feast your eyes on a whimsical land of enchanted forests, otherworldly attire, and unbelievable feats! Amaluna, a contemporary circus sprinkled with ethereal aerialists, dazzling costumes, and spectacular performances, is coming to town.

The mesmerizing show begins on a mysterious island, governed by goddesses and guided by the cycles of the moon. Their queen, Prospera, prepares to honor her daughter, Miranda, in a coming-of-age ritual signifying femininity, renewal, rebirth, and balance.

The story unfolds as Prospera conjures up a storm, ushering in a group of young men to the island’s shore. Miranda is intrigued by a brave young suitor and falls in love, triggering an epic, emotional affair infused with romance and adventure.

Displeased with the situation, the queen unleashes her wrath. The young couple’s love is put to the test as they face innumerable trials and daunting setbacks, wrangling through the challenges and misfortune thrust upon them by Prospera. They go on to prove that a love so strong can conquer all, leading to lifelong trust, faith, and harmony.

Amaluna, loosely inspired by William Shakespeare's The Tempest, premiered in Montreal, Canada in 2012 and is beautifully directed by Diane Paulus. The name of the performance is quite fitting—”ama” refers to mother in many languages, and “luna” is the moon, a symbol of femininity.

The show features many captivating scenes, showcasing the incredible talent of each individual performer. Audiences will gaze in wonder and awe as acrobats juggle, swing from aerial straps, tackle the uneven boards, take on the trapeze, and display formidable strength on the Chinese pole.

The show is notable for having a primarily female cast. One such member is Andreanne Nadeau, an aerialist who admits she is often still in awe when watching the show from the wings. Nadeau says, “I watch the show and say, ‘Wow, that’s so amazing!’ There are so many things that I could never do.” This is quite a statement coming from a performer who spends her time swinging high over the stage with the grace of a butterfly.

However, Nadeau doesn’t consider herself a daredevil. “We’re not going out there to defy death; that’s not the point of the show. For me to be up in the air, that’s just another dimension to performance. I’m a dancer and I used to dance just on the floor; now I dance in the air as well. It’s the perfect combination for me of the things that I love.”

The show isn’t the only thing that will strike your fancy. Over 300 magnificent costumes will dazzle and delight, evoking a world of day and night that is undoubtedly modern. Yet it also draws inspiration from the Elizabethan area and reveals traces of the Orient and Scandinavia. This exotic juxtaposition of old and new serves to intensify the majestic performance.

Experience the whimsy of otherworldly excitement and wonder—come out this weekend and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime!

Amaluna will run through March 22nd at the Sam Houston Race Park. For more information, visit here.