July 21, 2016

The Benefits of Buying a Home in a Planned Community

Planned communities do not offer the cookie cutter homes that you remember from decades past. Instead, they meet the updated needs of consumers where variety, amenities, and careful planning reign supreme. Is it worth buying a new home in a planned community? That depends on personal preference, but most people today enjoy all the perks that come with planned community living.

Protected Integrity of the Community

Because of deeds and covenants, community and architecture standards are upheld so that the community displays a consistency throughout in design and structure. This is good for homeowners because it helps home values in the community hold strong.

Structured Community

Because the community was planned from the beginning, its structure makes it a nice, well-thought-out place to live. Planned communities often have structured entrances, open space, and shared amenities like swimming pools, bike trails, clubhouses, and parks. In addition, many planned communities house restaurants, stores and shops.

Keeping amenities, restaurants and shopping within easy reach means residents often don’t have to leave their communities to find what they’re looking for. This is a level of convenience that can’t always be found in other communities.


Planned communities are often built farther from commercial and industrial areas. Some communities are even gated. When a community is gated, it also doesn’t have through streets which makes streets less susceptible to traffic from people who live outside the community.

Planned communities also often have neighborhood watches, and many new home builders offer alarm systems to new home buyers in the construction of their new homes.


Homes in planned communities are customizable in a variety of ways. You won’t feel like your house looks just like your next-door neighbor’s home. Anti-monotony codes determine paint colors, exterior features, and more to ensure houses don’t look too similar.

Homeowner Associations

Yes, homeowner associations have rules everyone in the community must abide by, but their aim is to keep the community looking as nice as possible. If your neighbor wants to park 10 old cars in front of his house, you can use the HOA to help you end nuisances like this. You’ll be required to keep your home at a certain level of maintenance, but so will your neighbors. This keeps your neighborhood desirable, which helps with resale value.

Planned Communities Are Often a Better Investment

Homes in planned communities are seen as desirable. When the economy is strong, homes in planned communities increase in value faster than homes outside of these communities.

And what about when the economy is bad? Homes in these communities are able to maintain their value better than homes that are not.


New home communities often stay ahead of the game in home trends. Because of this, a planned community will often boast stylish and attractive homes with many style elements that have staying power. And don’t forget the option to customize. If you build a new home in a planned community, you’ll have plenty of the latest, modern design options to choose from.

A Sense of Community

How well do most Americans know their neighbors? Sadly, not too well. In planned communities though, people tend to get to know each other quicker. Community events bring people together, and a shared pride of community binds neighbors. In addition, the shared amenities bring more people outside, giving plenty of opportunities to get to know each other.

Is it for You?

If you’re looking for a new home, spend some time visiting planned communities to see if you like the feel. Then, find a new home builder who offers the amenities, style, and quality you’re looking for in a home.

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