May 01, 2015

Becoming Houstonian

Want to know how to be a real Houston local? If you need a jumpstart, these are some of the coolest ideas from Houstonia.

Make your own tamales, because they’re delicious and you can then have them whenever you want. Go check out Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen for all kinds of Tex-Mex cooking lessons. They have a Tamales 101 class coming up in early October; book it early now.

Houston is the most diverse city in the country, with a lot of languages and cultures intermingling each day. Become a polyglot at the Texas School of Languages, FS Language Services, or get a deep dive into a culture with the Japan-America Society of Houston.

If you haven’t been to Hermann Park, you’re really missing out. It’s been going through a lot of beautiful renovations, and the park’s winding paths make it a treat for runners. When you go, check out free performances at the Miller Outdoor Theater, and definitely take time to roll down its big grass hill.

Houston’s sunsets are marvelous, and deserve prime viewing locations to really savor. Take an evening to head over to the James Turrell Skyscape at Rice University to watch light shows any day except Tuesdays, one hour before sunset. Or make it a dinner and go to The Grove at Discovery Green, or the Rooftop Bar at Galveston’s Tremont House Hotel.

For homebodies, spend a weekend to catch up on your filmography. Here are Houstonia’s top picks for films: Rushmore, Brewster McCloud, and Reality Bites. Or curl up on the couch with a good book; take your pick from one of these titles: Blood and Money by Thomas Thompson, Sig Byrd’s Houston by Sig Byrd, and Isaac’s Storm by Erik Larson.

But wait, there’s more. Hit some of these milestones and you’re on your way to being a local:

  1. Play frisbee golf at TC Jester Park
  2. Just get in your car and drive
  3. Love/Fear the Bayou
  4. Spend the night at the zoo
  5. Never get too attached to a building more than 20 years old

Find the full list of Houstonian-making steps on Houstonia’s list of 100 Things Every Houstonian Must Do.